National History

Delta Epsilon Psi National South Asian Fraternity Inc was founded on October 1, 1998 at the University of Texas at Austin. 18 men came together sensing the urgency of a unified South Asian voice at their university. They believed that there was a lack of South Asian presence not only in the Greek community, but also at their university and their local community. With this in mind, they founded Delta Epsilon Psi on our three pillars: brotherhood, discipline and commitment. The founders believed that by establishing organize they would be able to break away from traditional South Asian stereotypes and give back to the community through their service and social based endeavors.

The beginning was a difficult obstacle course, mainly because there was no true template set for the success of young South Asian men on a University Campus. Brushing off all cynics and skeptics, the Brothers of Delta Epsilon Psi showed that South Asian people can make a valuable and lasting impact on the community. Since the idea of fraternities held a negative connotation to the majority of college students, Delta Epsilon Psi made it their mission to change that perspective.

The founders of Delta Epsilon Psi aspired to change the image of a South Asian fraternity not only at their campus but also through out the nation. The same ideals and principles, by which they started this organization, are carried out at every chapter and colony across the national and will continue to make an astounding impact all over the nation.

Twelve days after Delta Epsilon Psi was founded at the University of Texas at Austin, a group of dedicated men with the same visions established Delta Epsilon Psi at the University of Houston. The next several years were the developmental stages of Delta Epsilon Psi, in which the fraternity expanded throughout the core close knit of the state of Texas and Oklahoma. In 2005, the first chapter was established outside of the Texas region at the University of South Florida in Tampa. Since then, the growth of Delta Epsilon Psi has risen at an exponential rate, within the Southeast, Northeast, and most recently midwest. In 2008, Delta Epsilon Psi embarked on chartering at Rutgers University, the first charter in the northeast. Most recently, Delta Epsilon Psi has expanded to Wayne State University in Detroit and the University of Georgia.

Mr. Suju Abraham Mr. Samir Parikh Mr. Vinu Raj
Mr. Rahul Brambhatt Mr. Mayur Patel Mr. Kashif Shaikh
Mr. Vipul Engineer Mr. Rajiv Patel Mr. Asim Siddiqui
Mr. Irfan Iqbal Mr. Rakesh Patel Mr. Tosby Thomas
Mr. Wesley Mathews Mr. Ronit Patel Mr. Jacob Varghese
Mr. Rushi Modha Mr. Jason Pillai Mr. Vijay Viswanathan